Recommended Wednesday Show: Lower Dens, Inoculist, and Gross Relations at Glasslands

Lower Dens

I’ve posted about Lower Dens a few times on this blog, but never as the main event.  It’s Jana Hunter’s new band, and they’re very good.  Think Jana’s solo stuff: atmospheric, guitar with lots of space, strange and simultaneously familiar- but a bit rockier.  This Baltimore act is going places, so check them out now.  Inoculist is a Brooklyn band that keeps popping up in cool places, like Whartscape.  Their songs have the same sort of low fidelity cool that a lot of their peers have, but their music is based on really great guy/girl vocal melodies.  It’s pretty cool!  Check out their MySpace.  I also like Gross Relations, totally MySpace-based.  Of course I do.  Their “influences” section is nearly entirely based on 70s NYC punk + GBV.  The songs seem to point to a lazy punk, that I’d like to check out in person.  It reminds me a little of Handglops, but a bit more listenable.

MP3: “I Get Nervous” -Lower Dens


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