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Recommended Friday Show: Julian Lynch, Ducktails, Campfires, Big Troubles, La Big Vic at Glasslands


I’ve been bumming pretty hard on music recently.  It’s one of those dry spells where nothing new seems to capture your interest.  This, however, has pulled me out of my slump.  It’s hosted by the wonderful blog, Microphone Memory Emotion, and is decidedly one of the best lineups of the summer.  You’re probably already familiar with Julian Lynch, Ducktails, and Big Troubles.  I’ve never blogged about La Big Vic before, though.  They reside in a place of wonderful “scapes,” dream-scapes, haze-scapes, sound-scapes.  It’s a lot of beautiful noise, and somehow ends up being catchy pop music.  I’m loving it right now, and you should definitely get to this show early to check them out.  Campfires, from Chicago, also play beautiful, beautiful music.  It’s steeped in lots of guitar and has that sort of magical Pavement-y feeling, but sound more like experimental Velvet Underground.  Sort of.  Point being, I like them a lot.  Get to this show early, and stay late!

MP3: “Lyny” – La Big Vic


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Recommended Friday Show: Julian Lynch at Silent Barn

Julian Lynch

Finally, an excuse to talk about Julian Lynch again.  I’ve been loving his stuff for a long time, and now he has a brand new album out called Mare, and boy is it good.  His was the first show I saw in 2010, and I was blown away back in January by the power of his noise-ish jams at Bruar Falls.  There’s a quality to his music that makes me feel like a very good, kind soul is behind it.  Plus, his fascination with New Jersey is definitely a plus.  Make sure to catch him now at Silent Barn before it’s The Knitting Factory and then Music Hall of Williamsburg.

MP3: “In New Jersey” – Julian Lynch

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Photos (For Impose Magazine): Julian Lynch, Big Troubles, Pop 1280 at Bruar Falls

I took some photos at Pop Jew’s Julian Lynch show on Monday.  They’re posted at the wonderful Impose Magazine, so head on over and check em out. I’ve posted a Julian Lynch mp3 below for your listening pleasure, though it’s a very different sound from his impeccable live show.  Big Troubles is also a band to keep your eye on.  They need a little more energy and some more interesting bass lines, but there were some seriously promising songs.

MP3: “Onward Flour” – Julian Lynch

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